And the race is on…

So, now, as of yesterday, all of us candidates are officially candidates, and now the race is on. To celebrate this first we went out on our first day or canvassing. so up above is the map of Frimley for those wondering about our lovely village, and we were out on Bailey Close. Great conversations with great people.  It has been great representing Frimley Green in my first time as a Councillor, but looking forward to the chance to represent the residents of Frimley this time. When you just live down the street, and you work in the middle of the village, it gives residents easy access to come and see you and discuss the plans of the Council and where we are going…

The start at a National level saw Cameron and Milliband slug it out with these BBC journalists, but not head-to-head. If I were them I would appear in front of anyone but the morons from the BBC. They were on some moral crusade to try and make themselves look important, not to help the voters decide who should be the next Prime Minister. Of course both sides claimed victory, and of course no one won.  There were some real losers, however, the British people who wasted 90 minutes of their time watching two incredibly self aggrandised morons who cared more about their own drama than that of the voters. The worst was when Paxman tried to cast the aspersion on the entire economic recovery on the presence of 1 out of 50 people working on 0 hour contracts, calling the whole recovery a failure… Anyway, a good time was had by all, and on we go…

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