81 Sunrises…

So, as at this morning, there will be 81 more sunrises until our UK election… This election is for both national and local offices.

It is our first election in the UK with the backdrop of social media as one of the primary forms of communication with our voters. For those of us who do this all the time, we couldn’t be happier, however, a few things do stand out:
1-in future, no election will not feature social media, it’s here to stay and will only grow in influence with our voters…
2-social media allows you to learn a lot about the people who are both standing for office, and those commenting in the process.
3-I think that because of the highly volatile nature of politics across the pond, some seem to have embraced that slag-off mentality. But those people will fade away relatively quickly, because that doesn’t work here and never will…
4-we embrace what I call “sunrise politics”, that is, with the sun rising each day we have new hope that we can make our world work better…

We are quite fortunate living in a society here in the UK that works a lot better than it did five years ago. When we win, and I believe we will, it will be because we have neighbourhoods and villages and towns and counties who know deep down that the “sun’ll come up tomorrow”, and it will be a brighter day when we win…

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