Labour Manufactured NHS Lies

In an incredibly stupid attempt to use the NHS to pull on your heart strings, they are blitzing the Country with a short web click-through exercise for you to find out your baby number. So you fill in the screen that it presents you which is this:

And then, after you fill it out, it presents you with this:

So, you get a lovely old picture of some nurses holding either me or someone who looks like me along with my “baby number”… And the problem would be? Well first, it tells me that I am the 4,019,535th baby, and second that I was welcomed into the world by the NHS. You see, the Yank wasn’t born here so I don’t have a baby number and I wasn’t welcomed into the world by NHS nurses, as sweet as they may be.

So, they are using an extruded algorithm to try and approximate what my baby number might have been, trying to make me feel part of their “team” that purports to save the NHS. Problem is that it’s all a lie. They can’t tell me my baby number, they can’t tell that I wasn’t born here, and they can’t say with any certainty exactly what they do with the NHS… It’s all a great big extruded algorithm. Ed, the voters want the actual truth, it’s time to fess up and give up…

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