So how does your Councillor vote?

What a perfect time to ask your Councillor how they voted… Voted on??? Yes, Everything they’ve voted on, the committees they’re on, the meetings they attend (or don’t attend), all of it… There’s an election coming up in a few months, and everyone’s (the candidates anyway) got their ears open about just exactly what the voters really want… So, if you’re a voter tell them what you want. Call them, text them, email them, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Facebook, read their blog(s)… These Councillors represent you, so ask them, and include #SurreyHeath2015 in your tweets…

In my last blog, below, you will find how I voted at planning on Monday, as you will find (if you want to explore the archives) from every planning meeting for the last 3 years. Every one of these planning applications have an effect on our community, if you are part of those communities you have a right to know why Councillors voted as they did. So, go ahead, ask your Councillor, and keep asking, that’s why they call it democracy…

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