Starting With The Honour Of The Past…


We are going to be focused on the why and how of British local politics this year, especially through this next 4+ months through the election. But we have to start by giving honour to one of those who has gone before…

I’ve been selected by the Conservative Party as prospective councillor candidate for SHBC to represent the Frimley Ward. For the last term I have represented the Ward of Frimley Green. However, I live in Frimley, work in Frimley, go to church in Frimley, and spend most of my life in Frimley. I’ve been chosen as one of the candidates to fill the shoes of one of the best councillors to ever serve Surrey Heath, Ian Sams. Ian has faithfully served the Borough for the better part of 3 decades, including a term as Mayor. For the last year I’ve sat next to Ian on Planning, and have learned loads from him…

So, before we dive into the cut and thrust of this next election, Ian we honour you and wish you the best in your retirement. And, oh by the way, we’ll still need you to do the telling…

One Reply to “Starting With The Honour Of The Past…”

  1. David

    Thank you for your kind salutations. Perhaps I should point out that, in the event it becomes necessary to find someone to “fill my boots” (as you put it), the choice will be made by the electorate of Frimley, not a cabal of the Surrey Heath Conservative party.

    Yous ever

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