Ok, so enough now is enough…

So, now we really have had enough… We got two very interesting pieces of news about the Islamic State today or ISIS or whatever we want to call them. So we found out that the American journalist and aid worker who had actually converted to become a Muslim has been beheaded. And then we got the news that all of these guys that raid all of these towns and villages take all of the women into slavery. So, we know that this most pure form of the Muslim religion killed those who convert to the religion, enslaves women, and indiscriminately kills children and the elderly. So, we’re left with one of two possibilities: either they don’t actually represent anything about the Muslim faith, or second they really do represent everything about the Muslim faith… So Muslims, what is it??? A couple of clerics have issued warmed over pontifications, but that’s all…

Both here and from the US, we have hundreds of young Muslims stumbling over each other to get out to the Middle East and fight for these thugs. And even more amazing, they miss mummy and want to come home after they’ve been out there a few months. These people are nothing but thug serial killers (who have loving mummies), and need to be dealt with appropriately. Why would we spend even one minute deliberating about what to do in this situation? I don’t care if they are citizens or if they were born here, they are nothing but thug serial killers. They don’t need repatriation or counselling, they need to be treated like all the rest of the thug serial killers in the world. What is that we think these people were doing out there? Providing first-aid? Counselling? Grow up…

Dave, show some balls and tell Theresa to shut these idiots down, enough is enough…

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