New Glasses…

I have been putting off getting my eyes checked and the prescription upgraded for months, so finally I went and had the full check done 2 weeks ago. Next to going to the dentist, my most hated thing to do… I just can’t bear things on my eyes, I could never wear contacts. And that puffing thing they do do to supposedly test the air pressure in your eyes is the the concoction of some sadistic torturer. It worked, I was willing to tell her anything…


But last night I went to pick them up, and started seeing everything outside 2 meters for the first time in over a year, what a tremendous thing. Almost got in 2 accidents going home, I was just so fascinated with how everything looked…

So it seems like most of our politicians need to go and get their eyes checked and get their prescriptions updated. Most especially Red Ed. He can be seen blagging about in every major paper today about how ready he is to be Prime Minister… Poor Eddie is terribly misunderstood, he really is ready to be Prime Minister, just not of the UK… The Scilly Isles, yes… Jersey, yes… The Isle of Mann, possibly… The UK? Eddie, you need more than a prescription update, you need an entire frontal lobotomy…

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