And now it is 6 short months to the election…

There is something about there being right on 6 months until the election, it draws the attention to the scope of the task. Up until the 6 month time it’s just sort of “out there”, but now the rubber has to meet the road…

We have a tremendous advantage this time around, and the selection process has now been pretty much wound up. The advantage is that this time, instead of a bunch of behind the scenes moves, our new president has brought one and only one standard forward: fit for purpose. Fit for purpose? What an incredible breath of fresh air… So now a quarter of the people who think they should be here, aren’t going to be here, and thank God for that… There’s a couple of exceptions, but our leadership has finally had the balls to do the right thing…

Apparently this is the move going on across the country. The standard for our Conservative politicians is “fit for purpose”, and fit for purpose at every level… And our competition? Fit for purpose? Not hardly, and that’s our edge, and that’s what will bring us the success we want. Time to get to work…

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