32 More Mondays, and the big truth is now out there…

Last week’s election in Scotland may well be the most interesting thing that has certainly happened in this entire Tory Governmant. Here we all thought that Big Dave, Red Ed and the others were rushing up to rescue the day at the demand of Grandma Liz… At the end of the day, the vote wasn’t even close, but they knew that all along. Turns out what they needed to ensure was that these dopes north of the border didn’t ask the real question, which was who was going to pay for all this largesse?

So, of course Alex you don’t want those nasty Englishmen voting on Scottish issues, but then you want them to pay for it all… And now that there is going to be an English assembly just like yours in Scotland, you are horrified… Scandalous! And not only that, you have the full power to tax your people as much as you want and give them all the benefits you want… So, exactly how is it that you are going to tell your people that they now have to pay for all those benefits? And how do you plan to tell them that the 20 year northbound freight train of money is coming to end?
Big Dave and all his buddies have zoomed off to Chequers to contemplate just how to make this work for a couple of days. So thank you Alex, and thank you Scotland, you have given us the complete justification to form a fully empowered English Assembly. And now we won’t have to give the slightest thought to the trainspotters on the other side of Hadrian’s Wall. And even better, Dave has promised us a vote on it before the May elections! How great is that? Imagine what the result of that election will be? So just when Alex and his buddies were going to give Dave a right rogering, he turns it totally around on Alex and the whole country of Scotland. Good thing you stepped down, some of the “Bruce” relations probably have a lynching in mind…
And just when we thought it couldn’t get better, we find out that a quarter of all the Labour MPs are from Scotland, and they won’t have any say in England. What? Suddenly Red Ed and his boys have almost as big a party as Nick Clegg, and we know how well that has worked out for them…

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