This might be one reason why people chose to drive rather than use public transport

This is so true, I use the #1 bus all the time to go to the Farnborough train station, and it rarely operates to anything resembling a schedule. The screens showing the next bus at the Farnborough train station have been out for over a year, and this is their most profitable route? This urgently needs attention, because when you do manage to get through to a human to complain, they deny that anything is wrong or that they have heard it before… Needs urgent action…

Surrey Heath Residents Network

Deepcut Bus StopOn Wednesday this week I decided to get the bus to Woking from Deepcut. I have a client there and I thought the time on the bus would be a great chance for me to catch up on emails. Also I am becoming more and more conscious that using public transport over our cars has to be more sustainable.

However, the experience was so bad I had to abandon the trip before I even got on a bus.

As I walked back from the bus stop to my car the only thing I could think was “Its no wonder people chose to drive over public transport”.

The bus to Woking (No 48) from Deepcut only operates every 2 hours. My understanding is that it used to operate every hour but the demand for the service was so low it was cut back to every 2 hours. After a conversation with…

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