36 More Mondays to go…

So, this is the story of the run-up to the next election, the first week of May in 2015. This is the biggest election of our current generation. The Conservative/LibDem partnership for the last 4 year ends and it is all to play for… The LibDems have managed to all but vanish from the landscape, and the Conservative Party has been splintered by UKIP. So right now we are in a short term election battle for one of our wards, the Old Dean. Here’s our man, Max Nelson…

The seat was vacated by the passing of long-term Councillor Margaret Moher, who had been there for a couple of decades… So, usually none of us would participate on a campaign on the Old Dean, as we normally have our own battles to worry about, but this is quite different…

I’ve been up canvassing with Max, and have learned a lot. Clearly the people on the Old Dean have been very poorly represented in the last several years. We are finding all kinds of areas that need fixing. So once this little by-election is done, then back on to the good stuff…

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