YankSnap 23rd June, Homelessness

So, we featured some of the normal day-to-day drivel, but the big issue was the BBC Panorama Programme on homelessness, the problem we “don’t have” according to most of the officers of the Council.  We all received a pre-show warning about it’s airing with the requisite attempts to show that the family featured here in Surrey Heath are peopole we actualy tried to help by putting them in accomodation that was so unsafe, it was uncivilised.  Claims that we “did our jobs” are pathetic in the extreme…

The family was not some immigrant family just trying to take the piss out of the social welfare system. They were a white, well educated, very British family who had a series of bad events and lost everything.  There but by the grace of God go all of us…  This was not some bizarre example to be dismissed on the other side of the country, this is our home, our people, and our problem.  Time to fix the problem…

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