Go ahead be stupid…

One of the weird things about being in your 50’s is that you have actually lived long enough to see some incredibly stupid things be upheld to be just as incredibly stupid as they actually seemed at the time. Invading this little swamp called Vietnam… Destroying Iraq, the wrong country, as payback for 9/11… The list goes on and on…

In each case, and the dozen or so others that I’ve managed to witness in all these decades, the politicians convinced the public that was both morally correct and in their best interest. And now you have this “faraging” moron trying to convince a vast part of the population to vote UKIP’s one-trick pony show into existence. Trying to convince them that some idiotic smash and grab political stunt will make any difference whatsoever…

So go ahead, do something stupid, vote him and his girlfriends into office. And it will do exactly what? Imagine him having all the power, so Nigel-boy, exactly what are thinking you are going to do? There are quite a few miles between a referendum on leaving Europe, which is nothing more than a fishing license, and a change in the law. And all of those miles are littered with the stone cold reality of somehow trying to make our little representative democracy work every day…

Whatever you do Thursday, vote…

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