High Drama on the Frimley High Street today…

Today was one of those bizarre days when you can’t believe what is actually happening to you, you think you are reading about yourself in some John Grisham novel…

So, today I’m working away at my desk in the back of EssentialAddress.com, the main area’s FedEx agency…  We always have a lot of people coming and going seding FedEx packages all over the world, making copies, and taking advantage of Essential’s business services.  Most of whom I don’t pay much atttention to…  So, two weeks ago FedEx came and told us about some bloke who uses the FedEx dropoff service to send packages to the US.  Apparently he has been shipping loads of drugs to the US, using us as his launch point.  It was all very carefully hidden and scripted, and they only found it in their package screening process.  We are told to make sure if the bloke comes in again we get control of the package and call the Surrey Police… And I’m thinking yeah yeah yeah…

And what happens today? The very bloke they are looking for shows up with a 10Kg box of “bed linens” to go to the US just as the FedEx pickup is going on…  He hands me the box and the paperwork, and wants to see us put it on the FedEx van.  So, once I have the box I get the box cutters and start to open it up, at which time he goes berzerk and decides he is going to have his box back and wants to leg it out.  Drug mules can be pretty aggressive, but clearly he had not met the Yank before…  He punched kicked and shouted, and the girls got the 999 folks on the phone, and when it was clear his punches were just bouncing off me and he was not accomplishing anything, he thought the better of the whole situation and legged it out of the store and ran for the hills.

So, the Surrey Police came, at which point they opened the box and showed us that it was $10K worth of khat, some drug that is about to be made illegal here and is already illegal in the US.  Regardless of all that, the trafficking of it is highly illegal.  The Surrey Police seized it all and suddenly FedEx people started showing up.  Apparently we were at the very thin front end of a very large wedge, some big joint US/UK drug bust operation…  Anyway, a shame Scott wasn’t with us today, but the Yank did the business just the same… Frimley can return to normal now…



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