On the call with the Prime Minister…

I was privileged this evening to be included in the conference call from the Prime Minister to the Conservative Party core activists… He took direct questions from all of us, a brave man…
There were 3 themes that the party regulars wouldn’t let go of: Europe, Europe, and Europe… No matter what, Europe was the 2 ton elephant in the room. No matter how he tried to change the subject, it just kept coming back to Europe.
So what’s next? Well, you’ve got to wonder, because if we have a thrashing in a few weeks, then the writing is pretty much on the wall… Dave, you can’t rule if you can’t win…

Christianity and the UK???

state and churchBritons should be “more confident about our status as a Christian country”, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron has recently said causing a number of leading voices to express concerns in in every form of email, letter, and social media posting…

Very interesting article from GlobalNet21 today: http://www.globalnet21.org/nation-faiths-none/

Starts out with: This is an unusual statement for a British Prime Minister in a country like the UK that does not display religion openly like for example the United States. And it is open to debate as well. As the letter to the Telegraph points out, ” Repeated surveys, polls and studies show that most of us as individuals are not Christian in our beliefs or our religious identities.”

So, there are two issues: first, the Faith of Christianity and second, the Religion of Christianity. The religion of Christianity, just like the religions of Islam and all the others have historically enslaved their followers in an ever increasing set of rules, laws, and meaningless ritual. The faith of Christianity is something entirely different though…  I was recently reading in the book of Hebrews chapter 2 where the writer notes, about the purpose and role of Jesus, the Christ: “free those who all their lives were held in slavery…” The bigger religions get the less freedom there is about the place…  And surprisingly it is pretty much the same for government…

I’ve decided I am going to spend a lot more time writing about this going forward…

High Drama on the Frimley High Street today…

Today was one of those bizarre days when you can’t believe what is actually happening to you, you think you are reading about yourself in some John Grisham novel…

So, today I’m working away at my desk in the back of EssentialAddress.com, the main area’s FedEx agency…  We always have a lot of people coming and going seding FedEx packages all over the world, making copies, and taking advantage of Essential’s business services.  Most of whom I don’t pay much atttention to…  So, two weeks ago FedEx came and told us about some bloke who uses the FedEx dropoff service to send packages to the US.  Apparently he has been shipping loads of drugs to the US, using us as his launch point.  It was all very carefully hidden and scripted, and they only found it in their package screening process.  We are told to make sure if the bloke comes in again we get control of the package and call the Surrey Police… And I’m thinking yeah yeah yeah…

And what happens today? The very bloke they are looking for shows up with a 10Kg box of “bed linens” to go to the US just as the FedEx pickup is going on…  He hands me the box and the paperwork, and wants to see us put it on the FedEx van.  So, once I have the box I get the box cutters and start to open it up, at which time he goes berzerk and decides he is going to have his box back and wants to leg it out.  Drug mules can be pretty aggressive, but clearly he had not met the Yank before…  He punched kicked and shouted, and the girls got the 999 folks on the phone, and when it was clear his punches were just bouncing off me and he was not accomplishing anything, he thought the better of the whole situation and legged it out of the store and ran for the hills.

So, the Surrey Police came, at which point they opened the box and showed us that it was $10K worth of khat, some drug that is about to be made illegal here and is already illegal in the US.  Regardless of all that, the trafficking of it is highly illegal.  The Surrey Police seized it all and suddenly FedEx people started showing up.  Apparently we were at the very thin front end of a very large wedge, some big joint US/UK drug bust operation…  Anyway, a shame Scott wasn’t with us today, but the Yank did the business just the same… Frimley can return to normal now…



How and why I voted at planning 07.04.14

Why I voted as I did planning meeting 07.04.2014

Development: Hagthorn Farm, Chobham 2013/0003
Planners Recommendations: defer and delegate
Issues of Contention: none really except this development would not be approved were it not for the destruction of the industrial buildings
How I voted: for, carried 13-2
Why: no reason not to, there was no compelling reason not to do this

Development: The Sun, 45 High Street Chobham 2014/0181; both items considered at the same time
Planners Recommendations: grant permission
Issues of Contention: height and fit with the buildings on the High Street
How I voted: for, matter carried by 13-2
Why: no reason not to, and it is very run down and needs refurbishment

Development: 67a Frimley Road
Planners Recommendations: refuse 2014/0125
Issues of Contention: change of use issue, but also the parking issues and road traffic
How I voted: for refusal, matter refused by 13-2
Why: just not sufficient parking

Development: Pembroke House 2013/0962
Planners Recommendations: refuse
Issues of Contention: none, bad design
How I voted: for refusal, matter refused unanimously
Why: no reason not to, pretty straightforward, this was one ugly design…

Development: Burrow Hill Nurseries 2013/0786
Planners Recommendations: approve
Issues of Contention: none
How I voted: for, unanimous
Why: no reason not to, there was no compelling reason not to do this

Development: 92 Coleford Bridge Road 2014/0097
Planners Recommendations: grant
Issues of Contention: none from the planners
How I voted: for, matter carried unanimously
Why: no reason not to, there was no compelling reason not to do this

Development: Windlebrook House, Bagshot 2013/0710
Planners Recommendations: grant permission, change of use
Issues of Contention: none
How I voted: for, matter carried 13-2
Why: no reason not to, there was no compelling reason not to do this

Development: land east of 220 Mytchett Road 2014/0107
Planners Recommendations: defer and delegate, changed to grant
Issues of Contention: none
How I voted: for, carried 14-0-1
Why: no reason not to, there was no compelling reason not to do this

Development: Maywood St. John, Maywood Dr. 2013/0259
Planners Recommendations: Grant
Issues of Contention: structural road issues
How I voted: for with the considerations in the report, matter carried 10-5
Why: no reason not to, there was no compelling reason not to do this

Development: Wessex House 2013/0965
Planners Recommendations: defer and delegate
Issues of Contention: none
How I voted: for, matter carried 14-1
Why: no reason not to, there was no compelling reason not to do this

Development: 79 Guildford Rd. Bagshot 2014/0202
Planners Recommendations: refuse
Issues of Contention: owner wants the caravans to be considered as affordable housing, does not meet most of the planning requirements we know of
How I voted: refuse, matter refused by 14-1
Why: no reason not to, there was no compelling reason not to do this

Development: Heatherhurst Grange 2014/0182
Planners Recommendations: refuse
Issues of Contention: only technical ones regarding the greenbelt…
How I voted: for overriding the refusal, unanimous
Why: no reason not to, there was no compelling reason not to do this

Development: 113 Frimley Rd. 2013/0879
Planners Recommendations: refuse
Issues of Contention: extraction fan system
How I voted: for refusal, unanimous
Why: Makes sense…

Emotional cruelty to a child will become a crime???

chile emotionally abused

So, one of the headlines in the Times this morning was: “Emotional cruelty to a child will become a crime”…  What???  When??? And how is that going to work???  In the long string of parental alienation blogs here you can read the horrific story of the emotional abuse of my daughter Sydney by her mother and promoted by Surrey Social Services.  All I was ever guilty of was being a model father and giving everything I had to my daughter…  Surrey Social Services was so dire that in 2008, the then Secretary of State Ed Balls had to step in and fire everyone and take over its running. It’s simple, children need both parents, especially if they have the opportunity to to have them. My ex-wife just decided that she should be free to alienate my daughter from me , and severely emotionally abuse her, and Surrey Social Services not only endorsed it, they even paid for the Barrister to go into the High Court and demand it.

Outlaw emotional abuse of children? Surrey Social Services would have to be the first people to be put in jail over this new plan…  Here’s the article if you don’t want to look it up…

Tom Knowles
Last updated at 11:02AM, March 31 2014

Parents who starve their children of love and affection face being prosecuted in the criminal courts under a new law, it emerged last night. The imminent changes to child neglect laws, announced by Robert Buckland, Conservative MP for South Swindon, will make extreme emotional cruelty a crime for the first time, alongside physical and sexual abuse as crimes against children.
The Government is set to introduce the change in the Queen’s Speech in early June, making it a crime to do anything that deliberately harms a child’s “physical, intellectual, emotional, social or behavioural development”.
Mr Buckland, a part-time judge who has been campaigning on the issue, said: “We’re talking here about children who very often end up as the subject of case reviews or in child protection situations where they’re taken into care, and we’re dealing very much with the upper end of the scale.
“But it seems to me, unless we modernise the law and take into account what we now know about the severe effects on children of psychological and emotional abuse, then we’re failing a whole range of children in our society.
“One and a half million children in the UK suffer from neglect. I think it’s time that the law was updated to offer even better protection for them.”
Government sources have confirmed to the BBC that the new law is likely to be in place before the next election, and could potentially be added as an extra clause to the Criminal Justice Bill going through Parliament.
Parents found guilty of emotional cruelty could face up to ten years in prison. The new offences could also include forcing a child to witness domestic violence, forcing degrading punishments on them or making them a scapegoat.
Currently, an adult responsible for a child can be prosecuted only if he or she has deliberately assaulted, abandoned or exposed a child to suffering or injury to their health.
The Children and Young Persons Act 1933 is more than 80 years old, with certain sections dating back to 1868.
“If we ignore the growing body of scientific evidence that shows that this type of emotional, psychological course of conduct doesn’t affect children’s development then I think we’re failing to protect children adequately,” Mr Buckland said.
He added that prosecutors would still need to demonstrate that the abuse had passed the threshold of “significant harm” to the child.
The charity Action for Children has campaigned for three years for a “Cinderella Law” to make emotional neglect of children illegal.
Sir Tony Hawkhead, the charity’s chief executive, welcomed the promised change to the law as “a monumental step forward” for thousands of children suffering emotional abuse.
“I’ve met children who have been scapegoated in their families, constantly humiliated and made to feel unloved. The impact is devastating and can lead to life-long mental health problems and, in some cases, suicide,” said Sir Tony.
“We are one of the last countries in the Western world to recognise all forms of child abuse as a crime. Years of campaigning have been rewarded, the Government has listened and this law will change lives.”
A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: “The Government believes protecting children from harm is fundamental and that child cruelty is an abhorrent crime which should be punished.
“Every child should be able to grow up in a safe environment. We are considering ways the law can support this.”