Labour Own Goal…

Now I know why Arsenal wears red, they are trying to model the nonsense of Ed Milliband… The Arsenal game yesterday shows what happens when you let a team like Chelsea, dressed in blue, through your defence… So, Chelsea commits a handball foul and Arsenal gets blamed for it, and when they whine about it, they get a red car and get a man thrown off…

So, Big George, in his blue tie, lays out the best budget the country has seen in 15 years, and what does Red Ed do? He has a children’s tantrum about it in front of the country, and manages to convince 9% of their base of support that we are actually doing a better job than they could ever do, in politic-speak, an own goal…

So the only question now, is when does he get the red card??? I wonder if his brother is on the next plane back from NY??? Guess what Reds, we’re through your defense, and we want to score some goals…>

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