Please do not resurface my street???

I got 2 of the most bizarre emails this morning, asking the council not to repair their street, Kings Ride in Camberley.  So, they have lost faith in the Council, but they’ve now figured out they can get the help they need by the Council just doing nothing, let Kings Ride resemble a third world war zone, which it’s not far off from what it is now… I actually know how these guys feel, as the County Council just finished totally repaving the Frimley High Street last night, and this morning the race is on.  Traffic is blasting down the Frimley High Street at break neck speed, you certainly don’t need a speed camera to tell you that the cars and buses are speeding.  As a “rat run” to the Blackwater Valley Road and the M3,  it is now the road of choice for the speedsters of Surrey Heath.  The solution? Either Surrey County Council has to put speed reduction measures into force, or we need to improvise on the road like these guys propose…  No point in waiting for potholes, we need the odd IED to blow a couple of big sinkholes into the road, hard to speed then.

Serously? Of course we don’t want any IED’s blowing up our citizens and the odd cat or dog, but we do need to do something… One of our residents came up with even a better idea:  We have a couple of Council flats here on the Frimley High Street above some of the shops, so what we need to do is to make the 35 car park spaces on the road “permit only” for those 4 people (just like we did on the A30 slip road in Camberley), turn them all 90 degrees and paint them right out into the street so that only one car can squeeze by.  Then we can have the parking wardens issue all the cars on the high street £70 tickets for driving over the top of “permit only” car park spaces. So, the traffic gets slowed down, the traffic wardens lose a lot of weight shagging down the all the cars driving over the “permit only” car park spaces, the council recovers all the shortfall in the budget, we then don’t have to raise council taxes, and a good time is had by all… We can give the full credit to the Council’s CEO and she can be hailed a visionary…  Local Area Committee meeting is in a few weeks, maybe they’ll want to tackle this and take some of the credit…


Dear Camberley Heath Council,

Please do not resurface my street.  I appreciate this is an unusual request, but please hear me out.

Does Kings Ride have potholes with the potential to damage suspensions, tires, struts and cars generally?  Yes, yes it does.  But that potential damage is apparently the only threat that even remotely slows down traffic on our street, and even then only slightly.  There is a strong, inverse correlation between the size and number of potholes and the breakneck speed of cars racing towards the A30 intersection.  As the road’s condition has worsened, the safety of Kings Ride has improved.  In fact, I would be willing to personally pay the council to degrade or just ignore the condition of the road in order to make Kings Ride safer for my children.

For years, the council and police have ignored the pleas of concerned Kings Ride residents to enforce the legal speed limit or implement any speed calming measure.  I entertain no such vain hopes that the Council will take effective action. I merely request that the Council expands its ineffectual approach to include ignoring the condition of Kings Ride.

What will it take for Camberley Heath Council to take this problem seriously?  Does a Kings Ride child need to die before any action is taken?

My cat survived many years on the streets of south London but succumbed in less than two years to the reckless, unchecked speed of drivers on Kings Ride.

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