Don’t Complain about the English Weather

So we are a week away from the biggest American Footbal game of the year, the Super Bowl. It’s usually played in one of the southern states, as it’s the first week of February every year.  However some bright spark decided that they should give it a go in New York, well New Jersey acutally…  Clearly this was decided on by some Hollywood media type that doesn’t go to the Northeast of America in the 4 really bad winter months.  Well, here’s what the weather snow at the super bowlin the NY area looked like yeterday, seriously cold and snowing… Seems like every second day they get a new 12 inches of snow…

They funny thing is to listen to the English moan about how cold the weather is.  Cold? This is bikini weather where we’re from… You won’t hear me complaining about the weather.  Good luck New Yorkers, hope you get it all dug out in time…

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