Too amazing for words…

Now this is just too amazing for words, if this isn’t a blatant “2 finger salute” by the council to its residents, I don’t know what is…  The ticket wardens were photographed giving a person with a clearly displayed disabled badge a ticket today by Paul Deach… Deachy Capture



So, yesterday we showed you what the place looked like and it’s complete lack of signage or any form of warning, and today we can confirm that not only does the council staff not give a stuff about it’s normal citizens, it doesn’t give a stuff about its disabled citizens either…

So, this mess was started by the Local Area Committee who by now will have dreamt up some marginally possibly plausible deniability  in the matter, but it is enforced and dealt with on a daily basis by Surrey Heath Borough Council…  If you think that this is an abysmal way to treat our citizens, contact the CEO of Surrey Heath, go to and give her a shout…



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