Parking Madness Part 2

So, here is the strip of road that has, in the last several weeks, presented 1,000 people with stiff fines for short-term parking where they’ve been short-term parking for 30 years with no problem. That little tiny “P” on the top of that sign, yes the little 4″ X 4″ P is one of the two signs showing that the 200 yd section of road is now Permit Parking Only. And this morning, even that sign is no longer there.

So, who decided this? Well, on Wednesday evening at the Council meeting, Cllr. Craig Fennel gave the clear explanation as to how this was decided by what is called the Local Area Committee. A group of Surrey Heath’s 6 County Councillors and 6 Borough Councillors that have been delegated the responsibility of deciding a wide range of local issues. They decided that this whole area should be “permit only” parking and should be implemented a few weeks ago…

So, did they:

      1-make any announcements in the press or anywhere that anyone could see about this? Of course not…
      2-signpost warnings that anyone could see? Of course not…
      3-attempt to display any level of empathy with the public who they clearly consider stupid? Of course not…
    4-made any attempt to refund these tickets? Of course not…

So, the two people that run the Local Area Committee are the Chairman David Ivison, you can reach him at The vice-chair is Chris Pitt, and you can reach him at They drove the decision, if you’ve got a problem, contact them…

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