Party Membership Part 2

Last time, in part 1, we talked about participation membership. It is the new and future politic of the population.  The sheer volume of the transactions on social media is pretty shocking. On all the forms of social media, I get a posting of some form every second or two. Colleagues ask me how I deal with it. Truth is I don’t, and don’t care if I do. What I do care about is the platform that this gives for participation. Participation  in the debate, participation in the views of the other participants, and participation in the democratic process.

Most of Western civilisation lives in representative democracies.  Why?  Because up until now, it wasn’t really practical to let people decide what is actually best for them, on anything… Do we have to change the representative part of it?  Probably not right away, but we can make it so indelibly clear to our representatives what we think, that if they don’t do as we demand, we will exercise our rights to throw them out…

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