The scrappy little red sky mosquito

The interesting thing about reading blogs from the scrappy little red sky mosquito is how much we give thanks for them… Like cockroaches, they hoover up all that unsavoury bacteria that results from the abloutions of the progress of civilisation. Unfortunately if you gave them a chance they would infect you with all sorts of diseases that will ruin life for generations to come… Diseases like uncontrolled debt, a generation of kids who can’t read or write, and military mis-adventures that last a lifetime.

Because it was under the supposedly conservative US administration that we got into both Iran and Afghanistan, we somehow allowed ourselves to be associated with this massive American con, and now actually identify with it. But we forget it was Tony Blair and brother Gordon who took us there. So now we have a conservative government and they have an unworkable labour type group. How bizarre is that???
The conservative ideal is stronger today an ever, there is no labour ideal. Just like in America, they have no capacity to do anything but slag off the great things we are doing. They have no ideas of what to do to fix the mess they created, they bring nothing to the table except their sarcasm and hate, and offer us no hope for the future…
So, cockroaches and mosquitos, tell us what you are going to do that’s better than what we are already doing…  Name one thing, anything… You can’t? Then get back to your day job of dumping thousands of toxic pollutants into our skies…

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