Party Membership Part 1

It is interesting to see how the concept of party membership has so totally changed in the last two and a half years since I was elected. All the parties have seen their membership decimated, though fortunately our Conservative party is not tainted with the brush of the corruption of the big unions like Labour here and the Democrats in the US. Whilst their tales of woe and intrigue make interesting reading, the problem is still the same: identifying a party by members who carry cards to identify themselves is an outdated concept which has already died, it’s just that no one told them…

Fortunately here in Surrey, the citizens are innately smart enough to see through the stupidity of the Labour Party and the facts that they have nothing to offer either them as residents, or our country as a whole. That being said, we now have more friends on our Facebook page than actual card carrying members of our party in Surrey Heath.  No point in comparing that to Labour’s non-presence in social media, they’re not even a rounding error.
So what cards are people carrying now?  The only cards that anyone cares about: their Twitter handle, their Facebook page address, and their LinkedIn account name.  Quite possibly the LinkedIn profile is not as urgent as the other two, but it is growing in importance. Also interesting to note that the fastest growing age demographic in social media is the 50+ group! all those people who used to carry party membership cards…  Say you don’t want to participate in social media? Then don’t, and don’t complain when those who do shape the political agenda… It is no longer party membership that counts, it is only participation membership that counts…

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