American Thanksgiving Adventures Part 2

It is almost impossible to explain to an outsider (that part of the universe outside of America) what Thanksgiving Day is or means.  Everyone knows the original story, but it has moved way past that, especially during my lifetime.  For the last couple of decades is has been a hallowed day of family and thanksgiving with no commercial significance whatsoever.  The day after Thanksgiving, Friday had always been a big shopping day, however, it has moved from being the first day of the Christmas shopping season, to its own shopping season.  Because it became such a popular day, it took on the term: Black Friday. Mostly because the males of the species could not bear tromping around the shops and malls with several hundred thousand of their closest friends and neighbours, and became quite “black” at the concept (me included).

The beauty of the American media, of course, is that they are never ones to miss a trick, so, 2 years ago they started “Black Friday” at the very start of  the day, meaning midnight the night before, technically the start of the day (at least on the clock). Most of the shops launched ridiculous discounts if you would come out at midnight and brave the cold and darkness. Shockingly, it worked, and this year, midnight became 8:00 pm on Thanksgiving day itself. The widely held belief is that all the thanks has been given, and all the food that can be consumed has been chowed down. 
So, we had today’s paper delivered to our room in the hotel, and it had 2 inches thick of ads for all the discounts that you can get tonight at at 8:00’s start. Some of the deals are truly amazing, but that’s not really the point… Anyway the hordes will be descending on Sean & Melissa’s in a few hours and the pre-shopping meal will commence…  

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