American Thanksgiving Adventures Part 1

 So, this week we are on our annual “trek to the kids” thrash around Middle America, otherwise known as the Thanksgiving holiday.  On the fourth Thursday of every November the country stops to indulge itself in mountainous portions of roast turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and gravy under the guise of being thankful for the great blessings bestowed on them by God.  Now there isn’t too much about what goes on in America that you would associate with either God or blessings, but that’s a topic for another day…

So, we normally fly from Europe into Chicago, because, speaking of God, whether Americans are going to heaven or hell they’ll be going through Chicago… All the airlines seem to use that as their main hubs, So if you want to fly anywhere you’ll be flying through Chicago… And then, as this holiday is always in November, it is usually cold and snowing. And I don’t mean that girly cold and snow like you get in England, this is the real stuff.  I’m pleased to tell you that this year is the proper stuff. It’s seriously cold and we’ve seen driving snow everywhere we’ve been…
So we got everywhere we needed to go safely, andnow to tuck into the American obscenity called Thanksgiving, more tomorrow…

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