Labour? Coop Bank? Are You Serious???

So today we hear in the Times that the chairman of the Co-operative Group resigned with immediate effect after “serious questions” were raised by the scandal surrounding Paul Flowers, the former chairman of the Co-op Bank. He said today that the recent revelations about the behaviour of Mr Flowers raised numerous issues for both the Bank and the wider Group. “I led the board that appointed Paul Flowers to lead the Bank board and under those circumstances I feel that it is right that I step down now, ahead of my planned retirement in May next year,” he said. “I have already made it clear that I believe the time is right for real change in our operations and our governance and the Board recently started a detailed review of our democracy. I hope that the Group now takes the chance to put in place a new democratic structure so we can modernise in the interests of all our members.”

A new structure? We have more structure than we’ll ever need. We just need people who are not morally bankrupt running our banks…

Mr Flowers, 63, is being investigated by police after he was filmed in a car in Leeds counting out cash to be spent on drugs including cocaine. His texts to a friend, published by a Sunday newspaper, detailed use of illegal recreational drugs at sex parties.

Are you kidding? Labours’ bankers are coke snorting corrupt low-life’s. Why is Red Ed not demanding that these two are jailed with immediate effect? The guy is still a supposed Methodist Minister. So why hasn’t the Methodist Church disowned these blokes? Every Labour member needs to tell us why these guys are still here…

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