Big Girls Buffoonery

So, a week ago I attended the Local Area Committee Meeting where 6 County Councillors and 6 Borough Councillors meet with the raw unvarnished public and attempt to explain what it is that they are doing to fix the things that are broken in local government.  As always in these matters there is a head buffoon and then an assistant, and then the list trails off from there…  I went as a spectator and published a Vine during the meeting of the head buffoon in his bright red sox as a joke…  You know how old guys dress with trousers at the ready for the great flood?  Well when they sit back the full shot of the socks is there for one and all to see (along with their shaven legs)…  Anyway, it got a fair amount of play on the Social Media landscape, as red is not exactly the colour of the conservative party.  But what got more attention was the head assistant buffoon frantically emailing from his Blackberry, I hadn’t even noticed that he snuck into the edge of the Vine, but the Social Media landscape certainly noticed…

Big Girls Red SoxUsually the buffoons get their knickers in a serious twist when I show them in action, but this time there was some sort of exception…  I’m usually getting a red card in these situations, but somehow I only managed yellow.  And then last week a pair of beautiful red sox showed up through my door with a lovely note (no, it really was nice, not being sarcastic…).  Anyway, apparently I have been made an honourary member of the big girls buffoons, and now I can wear the red sox with honour and distinction…  Watch out girls…


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