Too shocking to admit you are an American today…

After seeing what is going on in America today, it is too shocking to contemplate being an American today…  Somehow, this group of people calling themselves conservatives has done the unthinkable, they have decided to hold the good people who work for the US Federal Government hostage to their purely political quest to derail healthcare for the millions who can’t afford it. These are not conservatives, they are just thugs in very expensive suits, and they deserve to be treated with nothing other than contempt.  if any of the rest of us tried this, it would be called extortion…

This whole thing is just about protecting the revenues of the Insurance Companies that run the current system who are not remotely concerned with that half of the US that cannot possibly afford their healthcare in its current form…  Listening to President Obama last night, I couldn’t help wondering what these Tea Party idiots are thinking???  They took an oath of office to support and defend the constitution.  That constitution clearly stipultates how laws are made and implemented.  The new healthcare law that went into effect today was enacted according to all those parts of that constitution that they took an oath to enforce.

So, if you do what these people are doing, you are proclaiming yourself to be bigger than that constitution that you took an oath to enforce.  It would be different if there was some broad disagreement to the size or scope of the budget, but there isn’t.  It is only about this one issue, and Tea party only wants to de-fund this one law that was totally and properly enacted according to the constitution.  But now it has gone way above and beyond the issue of healthcare and is now an issue of the arrogance and ego indulgence.  if any American decides they are bigger than the constitution, then there is a real problem.  The answer?  That same constitution…  Start the recall petitions and vote them out…

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