We believe it’s right that the banks pay their fair share as we cut the deficit – that’s why it was the Conservatives who introduced the first ever levy on the banks.

But Labour have now committed themselves to spending the proceeds of bank tax revenues ten times over on eleven different things…

  1. Youth Jobs Guarantee – £1.04 billion
  2. Reversing the VAT increase – £12.75 billion
  3. More capital spending – £5.8 billion
  4. Reversing the Child Benefit savings – £3.1 billion
  5. Reversing Tax Credit savings – £5.8 billion
  6. More Regional Growth Fund funding – £200 million
  7. Cutting the deficit – ?
  8. Turning empty shops into community centres – £5 million
  9. Spending on public services – ?
  10. More housing – £1.2 billion
  11. Childcare – £800 million

…giving a total of at least £30.695 billion (not including the uncostable commitments to reduce the deficit and more spending on public services).

This is more than ten times the £2.3 billion that was raised by Labour’s bonus tax – that their own Chancellor, Alistair Darling, said could only be a ‘one-off’ – and more than ten times the £2.5 billion that the Government’s permanent bank levy raises every year.

It’s simply not credible for Labour to try and spend the same pot of money more than ten times over on eleven different things.

All Ed Miliband and Ed Balls offer is the same old Labour policy of more spending, more borrowing and more debt. And it’s hardworking people who would pay the price through higher mortgage rates and higher taxes.

Rich-ey Commits Political Hari Kari

Thankfully now Rich-ey has now disposed of himself from Surrey Heath Politics (and anywhere else that has people with more than 4 brain cells functioning in rythm).  Could he stand for another post and harvest his requisite 9% of the vote? Of course he can, and we would prefer it…  Of course we prefer a loud mouthed contradictory slag off sister like him with no prayer of ever winning anything to an actual Labour politician, one with the remotest modicum of credibility…

So how did he do it? Our little one-hit wonder tried to crash in on the heavy schedule of Michael Gove without an appointment demanding to be heard over the top of all those “little people” who had the courtesy and civility to actually make an appointment with Mr. Gove beforehand to see him.  So not only did he crash in, but he came video in hand and accused the genteel Alan Cleverly of assaulting him because he “touched” him in the process of being thrown out as the trespasser that he was.  Rich-ey, try that in Manchester, now there you would get “touched”…
Rich-ey we thank you for being more stupid than any of us could fathom. Did you not think the residents of Surrey Heath would not get what you did???  Do you think anyone is going to vote for someone who:
  • Is too arrogant to make an appointment to see an MP like the “little people” do? Are you just too good for the rest of us???  The rest of us wait our turns…
  • Pulls a video stunt and edits it extensively to fake what really happened? Any amateur can see what  he’s done…
  • Lies about being “assaulted”.  Are you kidding me? Alan Cleverly could’t hurt a flea (even if he tried)…  Rich-ey, you trivialise the plight of the people who are actually assaulted…

We could say a lot more, but from all of us, a very hearty thank you for clearly proving that there is no one who could ever take you seriously.  Crack on and show us some more of your “stuff”, we eagerly await your next demonstration of buffoonery…