Time For The Real Truth Richey…

So, now that we are back to the matter at hand with local politics, it is time for us to smoke out the real truth from Leftie Labour Story Teller Richard Wilson; aka Rich-ey, aka @windleshamrich, aka other unmentionables…

Seems Rich-ey wants to claim the mantle of Leftie Environmentalist.  A mantle that is in no way deserved, earned, or true…  Recently he “championed” the “38 Degrees” campaign to save England’s forests from privatisation, and then it was the 38 degrees presentation of a supposed 150,000 signatures on petitions to save England’s Sports Playing Fields.  As with most of the lefites, Rich-ey always has to exagerate and round up to suit his purposes or down as the case may be.  Rich-ey, you left off a few things:

  1. You delivered 133,000 petitions 10 days ago…  Not 150,000; their web drive for signatures just crossed 150,000 today, the 31st August.
  2. You and the 38 degrees people say: “The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has quietly relaxed the rules protecting school playing fields, opening the door for them to be sold off to developers.” (from the web site) This is very misleading and not what he has done, and you know it.
  3. You have done nothing to save the forests as you allege.  In fact, printing the 133,000 petitions from the web and delivering them in 6 boxes to Michael Gove proved what?  That you like to destroy lots of trees to make some point??? Oh, sorry, I forgot you are the protector of the forests…

But the most interesting thing is that Rich-ey, in his “day job” as a co-piot at British Airways, dumps loads of toxic pollutants into the environment everytime he goes to work and drives one of their jets out of or into our airports.  Rich-ey, why don’t you set the record straight and tell the voters how much you personally pollute the environment every time you go to work?  How much environmental damage did you do this week Rich-ey? We wait to hear…



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