The Cast-Parental Alienation Posts

Victim #1, Me: well that wasn’t too hard to get at, I’m real reachable on the web.  All my contact details are on LinkedIn, you can find them at:

Victim #2, my daughter Sydney: although all the proceedings are done, and she now lives in Dallas with the abuser, and she is no longer a child, and she has the full “Stockholm Syndrome” thing going, I won’t put it all out there until I have been sued at least once…

The Abuser: Meg Allen.  She has a LinkedIn profile as well, but it is an unparalleled work of autonomic fictionMeg Allen abuser.  This is the picture from her LinkedIn fiction, but I did notice that she has removed the MBA from her profile that she doesn’t have.  Great pic, alluring, great smile…  Well you can’t bag a sugar daddy if you don’t at least pretend to enjoy it can you???

# 1 Assistant Abuser: Michele Frost. Former employee of the Yank. She was spurned by chld abuser #1, michele frostthe Yank when she threw herself at him to have an affair with him.  Prolific pill taker, history of two mental breakdowns, destroyer of any male she comes in contact with.  Caused first husband Edward to have a nervous breakdown, shown considering her next victim…

# 2 Assistant Abuser: Nicola Bogle, AKA Nicki Bogle.  Prolific man hater, happy to assist in nicola bogle, abuser assistantany effort to destroy any man. Originally a co-worker of the chief abuser at the first software company the abuser worked for in the UK, master and black belt instructor in the art of “smile and screw”

One Reply to “The Cast-Parental Alienation Posts”

  1. I admire and respect your honesty; I wish I were in the position to profit by it’s example. It’s been a short time since my Daughters have been taken from me and I’m terrified at the prospect of riling my ex into further condemnation toward me and my children. For the moment I feel hopeless, helpless and completely isolated in a society that judges by antiquated gender roles. My ex really had a Boa grip over me and played me like a fiddle for 12 years. She lured me into a false sense of security in her home country and than took everything that I cherish in this world away from me! I am fighting for the right to be part of my Daughter’s lives but at the same time fear for their safety!


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