And the Men? Stupid? The System?-Parental Alienation Posts

Well this is not a topic that needs to be explored very thoroughly.  Starting at the beginning, with Adam (as in Adam and Eve), men have been wrongly believing what women have told them for a very long time…  The stories in the Old Testament are pretty shocking, David & Bathsheba struts right to the front of the parade.  At least God didn’t give me one of 3 choices, one of which was the deaths of 60,000 of my countrymen…  I’ll never blame anyone else for the choices I’ve made, but I won’t be able to defend many of them either…

One of the fundamental topics, however is, why should the state allow perfectly innocent children to be serially emotionally abused by mothers who just use them as pawns to take down, often equally innocent men, and destroy them in the process; usually just for money…  Parental Alienation is a very well documented psychosis and problem.  Equally well documented are the results.  Severely emotionally abused children rarely make it past their 18th birthdays.  Why?  Because parental alienation is incredibly severe emotional abuse.  It destroys its victims.  It sucks the life out of them, it destroys all their self esteem, and they lose the will to live; all before age 18.  The abusers all have lots of other “sweet treats” to go with them, but at their hearts they are abusers, criminal abusers.  Most of them have been abused, and this abuse perpetuates itself as it does in all other forms of abuse.

Whilst I have probably devoured everything ever written about parental alienation, I could never talk to any of real people who were real victims, because the courts prohibit talking about anything having to do with children whilst the children are still children.  Has it helped any of them?  Not really, but it sure helps the abusers keep on abusing…  For every day of those 5 long years, I just wanted to talk to someone who had been there, someone who understood…  So what do I want to accomplish here?  Get it out in the open, deal with it, and fix it…

First, you need to get through your head the fact that there are some low lives out there that actually support child abuse.  A concept that seems shockingly impossible, so grow up they do…

In the coming months we will be exploring the components of the problem.  We will be naming names and shaming shames.  No doubt some of the players will read about themselves here and will try to take some actions against me,  To you, all of you, I say take your best shot.  I’ve already lost everything, there is nothing further you can take, so crack on…

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