The last time I saw Sydney, August 2012

So, the schedule set by the court was for me to have Sydney for the last two weeks of her summer holiday.  That was no problem for Meg, as she phonied up the school schedule on school letterhead and created a new school/summer schedule.  When I arrived in Dallas to see Sydney, she had 3 days left of her summer holiday.  She was to stay with me, but her mother had already determined that wasn’t going to happen and if I wanted to change it then I would have to go to court in the US.  Clearly that wasn’t going to happen…

We spent quite a bit of time together, and I played her first round of 18 golf holes with her at her local municipal course.  It was a really good course, and she only confided half way around that she had never actually played 18 holes, in spite her telling me that she was playing on the PGA tour…  So, it actually turned out that as part of her golf lessons that she played on a North Texas development league tournament for kids where they played 9 holes.  In each case she managed to come in 20 or 30 strokes over par for the 9 holes, but she was on the PGA…

Two things stood out during the time, the first was the four or five time she would just start these screaming fights with me, sort of one-way scream-a-thons…  They came from nowhere, and I never managed to get in a word edgewise.  After the first one, I just stood back and watched, what could I do?  But in each one, she had written notes prepared by her mother on what to scream about. The second one was after school one day she told me that we were going to open a bank account for her that I was going to put money in for her, as I provided no money for her school, her college, or her daily expenses.  When I patiently explained that her mother had given detailed testimony in court that she had a separate bank account in Dallas with $300,000 in it for Sydney’s expenses, school fees, and future college, she would have none of it.  She insisted that there was no such bank account, and when I offered to get the court testimony printed for her that kicked off another scream-a-thon.  Her mother had become a millionaire from me, she had stolen the money and that was that…

Really a third thing came out too.  Nothing her mother had promised her about life in Dallas had come true.  No country club membership, no new golf clubs, no friends, no access to her actual family, nothing…  I could see now why the main authors on parental alienation say that few children make it past their 18th birthday, most commit suicide.  The depression that emerges out of this is too shocking to contemplate.  The hate and anger lies consume the child until there is nothing left…  When I left Dallas, there was truly nothing left, the Sydney I knew and raised was gone…

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