The Christmas that wasn’t…

So, Sydney was due to come for Christmas, but things were too outrageous for words, every phone call was a verbal attack from her on an ever increasing list of outrageous demands…

I called her the day after Christmas and she accidentally picked up the phone, that was the last word I heard from her.  Two months later, on her 16th birthday, her mother used the Texas Courts to ensure I would never speak to or see her again.

What would I say to any of you reading this? If your wife/husband is a narcissistic sociopath, then make sure you take lots of pictures of your kids, because that is all you will have.  And go and meet God, because no one else will be able to help you…

I did these blogs for the last few months to let you who are in this know the truth:

  1. Parental Alienation is severe mental abuse of the children involved
  2. Social Services and the Courts support this abuse, and they know they are directly supporting child abuse
  3. Your child will be ruined forever
  4. You cannot and must not let it touch your new relationship, because left alone it will destroy you
  5. You need to commence a deep and personal relationship with God, because there is no other means to survive

I will post the pages of this blog as separate blog posts so that they can be referred back to by any of you, and most of all, this will be available to any who know Sydney who would like to know the horror of what she had been through to make her what she is today…

And lastly, to Sydney, Daddy only misses you on days when the sun rises, and our door is always open to you as is the phone, the email and all the forms of social media.  God bless you…

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