The two trips back for Sydney to see me…

So, the first stipulation by the judge was that Sydney be sent back to me for the half term and the first 2 weeks of the summer break.  I was sure that this would not happen, and her mother did everything to stop it, but the judge made sure she understood that she’d come over there personally if Meg did not comply…

We tried to do lots of things together, and did, but the 5 things that I’d learned in the 2 month run-up to her leaving had actually gotten considerably larger and more outrageous. She gloried in her abuse of other children, and made sure we all knew of her personal superiority in spite of the fact that she was moved back 2 years in school to accommodate her lack of academic ability.  She still hadn’t slept, and she was suddenly an expert on all sorts of things that she had no clue about…  We have two dogs, a Westie and a Labradour, and she physically hurt them several times to show that she could.  She was 15 years old now, and was about 5’8″ tall, and was well capable of causing physical damage.  Now Sydney was proud of her ability to abuse and hurt others,and in fact was obsessed with it.  She didn’t “need” me or anyone else, and made sure I knew it repeatedly.

By the end of the second trip here, Janet and I agreed that she could not be in the same house as Sydney, if there was to be further contact.  Little did we know, that would not be an issue…

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