The 5 things I did learn in the 2 months…

So, the one thing I learned during the two months was that parental alienation can be mitigated, but the damage to the child is permanent. These children will never be “normal” again, the alienating parent has literally stolen that from them forever, and it can never be gotten back.  Meg stopped at nothing during our court ordered time together to divert, distract, and outright stop them.  But I overcame for the most part.

The first thing I learned is that she hates her mother for jamming her in the middle of her mother’s hatred of me, but that she is too afraid of her mother to do anything about it.  she has been taught to hate, and she can’t easily get past the hate.  She had been fed hate for me and my family morning noon and night for over two years, and she just assumed that all people hated like her mother.  The second thing is that she has not slept in 2 years.  When I found this out I took her to the doctor, but it was too late by then.  Clearly I wasn’t supposed to know it, but she couldn’t hide it.  Sleep deprivation is central to the plans of the abusers like Meg Allen and her assistants like Michele Frost. The third thing I found out is that she had no actual friends.  No best friend, no close friend, no one.  Her mother had convinced her that she was better than all the people she’d grown up with, and she didn’t need any friends anyway, because they would only try to take advantage of her mother.  The fourth thing I learned is that she had perfected the art of stealing from other kids, their parents, and had perfected how to “borrow money” from people and never pay it back.  The fifth and last major thing I learned is that she had learned to say “I’m sorry” to people even though she didn’t mean it.  Several times we learned how she deliberately harmed people and took things from them, and then just said sorry even though she wasn’t the least bit sorry…

Amazingly, this was played out right in front of me, and no one cared.  At the end of the 2 months, the judge ruled that Sydney could go with her mother to America, we had crashed through some of the ice, but it was so thick, both Janet and I agreed that it was hopeless… Her mother had promised her membership to a country club in Dallas, new golf clubs, trips back to see me whenever she wanted, and a host of other things that never could or would come true…

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