Finally we get to court and win something…

So, all the disclosure comes to the light of the judge, and finally she sees that if Sydney goes to the US with her mother in that fall of 2011, then I will never see her again.  So, she orders Sydney to stay, and puts a plan in place for me to start contact with Sydney again and gradually increase that contact to see how it goes, and then we are ordered back to court in December.

Meg, of course enlists one of her main co-abusers, Michele Frost to assist in the continuing emotional abuse, but even she can’t stop Sydney’s in-built desire not to be abused.  The first time we met up it was for lunch, after being separated for a year and a half, and it was pretty weird…  The stuff that she told me about me was totally amazing.  I didn’t know that I was a criminal, that my family in America had disowned me, and that I’d been to prison.  It was all news to me…

Instead of trying to fight back against everything that had been said, I decided that for the next few weeks when we were getting together, that we would work on a project.  I made it clear and set some ground rules, that we weren’t going to talk about her mother, that no one was going to slag anyone off, and that I only wanted her to know that I loved her regardless of what happened in the future…  So, the project we started was to build two birdhouses.  Birdhouses?  I told her that she needed to make a housewarming present for her mother that she would remember, and that it would all be done by her so that her mother wouldn’t immediately pitch it out as having come from me.

I taught Sydney almost everything growing up.  She had a steady stream of nannies for the first 6 years of her life, her mother did nothing to take care of her.  She learned to swim, ride a bike, ski, play golf, count, and read with me.  We also liked to make things from wood, one of my favourite things in my distant past.  And so we did, they were intricate and very demanding birdhouses.  Every saw cut, every swish of the sandpaper, and every drop of stain moved us closer together, at least for a little while…

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