So, I didn’t realise just how gone she was…

The school meeting ended up with Sydney proclaiming how much she was looking forward to school next year, and how pleased she was with her school.  And then 2 weeks later I get the notification that  her mother is taking and moving to Dallas and I will officially never see her again.  Her mother is not requesting a court hearing, nothing.  Just notifying me from some bizarre distended logic that crawled around inside her head that said you probably have to notify him that this was going on…  Now most of you reading this would think, well no one could possibly think this…  We have joint parental responsibility for Sydney, and she just decides that I will both officially and unofficially never see Sydney again.  What???

Of course, without hesitation I am back in the High Court again…  Our normal Judge wasn’t there, but it took the sitting High Court Judge of the day all of 60 seconds to inform Meg Allen that you can’t just do this, you have to have permission of the court to just up and take a child to another country for the purpose of not seeing the other parent every again.  She claimed that she was being promoted by Oracle, her employers to a new job in America, which was of course a ruse.  So, then we are on the court treadmill once again.  Evidence, statements, hearings, blah blah blah…  And all I wanted was to see my daughter again in this lifetime, not too much to ask you would have thought…

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