So, it’s June 2011

So, it’s June 2011, and it’s time for Sydney’s annual special needs educational review, and Education doesn’t talk to Social Services, and I get invited to the review. So I am in a room with Sydney for the first time in over a year, and I get to see first hand, up close and personal, the devastating destruction of the emotional abuse inflicted on her for her mother. I almost didn’t recognise her, her face was so hard and twisted, I just wanted to sob for her. She was so hard and tortured, and spoke with a different voice, my daughter was gone…

Her mother sat inches away, to intervene in the event she crumbled and couldn’t keep up the front that had been drilled into her… She had been instructed never to look at me, but she couldn’t resist. The man that had loved her since her birth was right in front of her, and she just couldn’t shake the deep knowledge that was buried in her that she was always loved by that man and always would be. She repeatedly got the poke in the side from her mother each time she looked over at me, but she just couldn’t help herself…

At the end, she told the group how much she was looking forward to her next stage at school, the lie was impossible to hide…

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