Still no reason, but I finally get to go to Sports Day

In the mean time to all this, I stand as a Conservative Councillor here in Frimley Green, Surrey; and get elected.  I go back to court to demand that I be able to go to Sydney’s school events, and Social Services demands that I must not have any contact with her.  They fail to produce even remotest whiff of evidence to suggest I am unsuitable, and then the judge finds out that I am an elected member of Her Majesty’s Government, and starts to dig in a bit about this supposed threat I pose.  Surprisingly, it is found that I bear no threat to Sydney, and that social Services has been wrong about everything.  Does anyone care?  Well, you already know the answer to that one…  But, in May, I get to go to Sports Day, yeah!!!

I was put forward to stand by some marginal people in  the Conservative Party, and when I went to the selection interview, they were less than enthusiastic about this dual national loud mouthed American on their doorstep.  So, they said fine, you want to stand?  Then go stand in Frimley Green where we’ve not won in 24 years and the closest we’ve ever come was losing by 356 votes in the previous election…  So, I did, and the rest is history, I won by 128 votes, and now they have me for 4 years.  Although the History was almost very brief.  Sydney’s mother Meg and her buddy Michele go to one of the County Councillors with a large dossier of dirt they’d prepared, that he took straight to the party and election commission.  Unfortunately for them, quite a bit of it was from paginated bundles from the Children’s hearings.  You see, those are sealed, and not for distribution to anyone, much less the press.  Of course the lawyers who received the stuff packed it up and sent it back.  And that of course was that…

But the weirdest part was that running for office here, as well as anywhere else is a pretty public affair, didn’t she notice???  You would have thought…

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