Social Services then joins in the fabrication

So, going to court right after Christmas was the single biggest shocker of all the court appearances I had been to up to that time.  Social Services had continued their investigation, and made a wide series of interviews in support of what was supposedly best for Sydney.  Now they , by court order have to have this report for you a week ahead of time so that you don’t waste the time of the High Court with irrelevant or stupid questions.  And when do I receive it? 30 minutes before…

So, the report contains a wide range of interviews with people I had never met, and who had no idea who I even was.  I have no time to defend against it, refute it, or even ask any substantive questions about it.  Not only did Social Services not care, they said it was not relevant.  All recommended that I be cut off from Sydney.  And why?  Because they felt that is what Sydney needed.  And the Judge?  She says she has to go with what Social Services say.  So, now I am not going to be seeing Sydney for another 3 months, and Social Services and Meg are all high 5ing each other outside the courtroom, “they won”…

Was there even the slightest whiff of evidence to support any of this?  Not on your life, not then and not since…  I protest it all, but to no avail, no one cares that Social Services can just walk in, take your child away, invent the grounds for doing it, and actually do it…  And then the horrible truth sets it, it’s really over and there is little I can do about it…  So, men, if you are at this point, stop blowing smoke up your skirts, it really is over, and they really can do what they want.  You say this could only happen in a 3rd world country?  Wrong, it happens here every day…

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