The Stockholm Syndrome takes some work…

So, by November 2010 we finally get back to court, and the Stockholm Syndrome had been fully operational for 6 full months, and although Sydney had made several feeble attempts to call me, she has been repeatedly slapped down by her mother and had no chance to even speak with me.  In court, Social Services gives fervent testimony about how damaging it would be for Sydney to see me now, as they have not yet finished their work to determine if she should be able to see me or not…

Now the interesting part here is that the report by Dr. Sally (the most prestigious child psychologist in the UK) delivered to the court said that I absolutely must have a role in Sydney’s life, I posed absolutely no danger to Sydney or any kind, and that this was her professional opinion, and in fact the law.  Social Services said that they neither cared about Dr. Sally’s report or the law.  So, the Judge steps in and demands that I be able to speak to Sydney once a week on Skype, and she doesn’t agree with Social Services, but demands we come back right after Christmas.  Interestingly she also demands that Social Services oversee Sydney sending me a Christmas Card and being able to speak to me on Christmas.  Needless to say, none of that happened…

So, the first week I am to speak to Sydney, I do, and her mother is on a conference call to the USA, so we have a fantastic 16 minute call, it was as if nothing had ever happened.  But the next week it became a 4 minute call, and the next week her mother just walked in front of the camera and unplugged it all.  Did she care?  Did Social Services care?  Not one iota…

One Reply to “The Stockholm Syndrome takes some work…”

  1. As it is very interesting reading these the fact is that it was much worse than what you have described. The damage to my step daughter is irreversible. No amount of counselling will ever re-establish the truth for Sydney because for her truth is a relative concept that has to be reinforced on a frequent basis due to her severe short memory problems. The ongoing mental and emotional abuse over the last 6.5 years that focuses on hate and rejection will unless by the mercy and grace of God never be wiped out. We can only continue to pray for His divine intervention.


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