The Most Crucial Damage Sets In…

So in 2010, May 4th became July 4th became September 4th almost overnight…  I never saw Sydney that summer, her mother stopped her from going to camp, and everything else I’d planned for her.  Why you ask?  To show that she could…  Once CAFCASS stepped in as co-guardians of Sydney, I thought that things might actually move to some truth in the situation, man was I wrong…  The first thing CAFCASS did was orchestrate the psych evaluation of Sydney, her mother and me with one of the top shrinks in the country, Dr. Sally…  She got right in there and figured out the truth about what was going on.  They quickly sorted out that Sydney’s mother is a narcissistic sociopath obsessed with “beating me” by dominating Sydney.  She judged quite clearly that Sydney needed (and still needs) both parents in her life.  Meg Allen had (and still has) no regard for what the top children’s psychologist in the UK said.

Meg Allen arrived in the UK less than penniless, and was treated like a queen for over 10 years. She left a multi-millionaire.  Most humans who are not mentally ill would have said “thank you”, but not her…  To her great fortune and delight, she managed to link up with several of the Social Services personnel who not only shared her hatred for all men, but were able to lend a stout hand to really now ramp up the emotional abuse.  So, for the next few months, through November 2010, Sydney had to live with 24/7 of “your father does this/your father does that”…  Dozens and dozens of times every waking hour.  Social Services were well aware of it, and what did they do?  Yes, absolutely nothing…

So, stop the ranting David, the point being?  Children, especially special needs ones who are inordinately subject to relentless emotional abuse almost all end up with the “Stockholm Syndrome”…  It’s a pretty well known malady, it’s when a captive prisoner starts to identify with their captors, and eventually becomes one of them.  About 40 years ago in the US, a very famous girl named Patty Hearst was kidnapped by a fanatical leftist group called the Symbionese Liberation Army.  Eventually she got brainwashed into believing their rhetoric and joining them. Their chance of a normal life after that?  Asymptotically approaching zero…  What mother would ruin the life of a child to win a fight that only she created?  Fill in the blanks yourselves…

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