The Role of CAFCASS

Once Amy brought forward the issue that Sydney was being inundated with how to hate her father in every way possible, her bosses at CAFCASS determined that something had to be done to have an even plausible possibility of counteracting the emotional abuse of her mother. So, we all get hauled back into court again, because CAFCASS determined that they had to be made guardians for Sydney as well as me and her mother.

Judge Hughes couldn’t be there, so we had one of the most senior High Court Judges for the day. Now this was interesting because both Meg and Social Services were completely crazed at the concept of CAFCASS being guardians… This could throw a wrench into the emotional abuse plans, and there were some very big plans… So, Meg actually brings Sydney to court, and had her stashed at a close by coffee shop with her assistant abuser Michele Frost, and tried to get her thrown on the court to demonstrate how good emotional abuse can be. How good it can be??? The judge was apoplectic…

In the middle of the whole thing, when Meg had the chance to speak, the first thing she brought up was that she keeps getting arrested for driving without a driving license, because I apparently had told the police that she drives without a driving license or insurance. So the judge says, Mrs. Allen, do you have a UK driving license? She says no, but… And then the judge jumps in, completely stunned, and demands to know why not??? So she says, I just don’t have time… He then asks how long she’s lived here? She says, oh, about 15 years… He then can’t believe this could be possible, 15 years??? So, he then asks her if is is how she does everything, and she boldly says yes…

With that the judge gives CAFCASS their order, and they get a second order for Sydney to be evaluated by the top Child Psychologist for learning disabled kids, Dr. Sally. Ad he also demands she get a driving license…

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