Guilty until proven innocent…

So, like so many other men in this situation I found myself in the place where very clearly someone with no actual power or authority has decided that I am guilty of a whole bunch of things that do not have a shred of truth to any of them until I can somehow prove them to be totally wrong.  Fortunately there is nothing to any of this that can have any impact on your life past your association with your children, as these people can’t “charge you” with anything, but that in itself is plenty…

As with all the proceedings, you learn how to prepare statements that address and rebut each issue, and you come under the false understanding that your case makes its case, as it does in the real courts.  In normal courts your statement becomes what is called your “evidence in chief”, and that is the case until you come up against Social Services.  There your statement(s) just become evidence of your unmitigated gall to actually go against their clearly superior grasp of what is best for your family and the children from it.  The Courts and CAFCASS have a goal to keep children out of the middle of the conflict, the goal of Social Services is keep the children in the middle of the conflict and maximise their suffering from it.  As this was the goal of Meg Allen, they were all quite happy together.

The bad news, men, is that you will never prove yourself not guilty of what Social Services may or may not say about you.  First of all, by being a man you are wrong at anything you say or do, because all men are wrong when it comes to the raising of children.  It does not matter if you were not even in the country for what you are accused of, you did it and you were wrong, so get used to it…  Second, you will never be given a chance to prove anything about what they’ve decided about you, so give it up…

In today’s modern politically correct arena, you would never imagine that there are whole groups of people who support child abuse, who have nothing but the highest regard and praise for those who abuse and destroy our children.  Unbelievably, you probably walked past several of them today without knowing anything about them…  These low lifes are slime, and maybe it is time their rantings and distortions are made public and that these are delivered to their employers, family, and co-workers.  Maybe they should be put on the child abuser register along with the actual child abusers…  Next stop, the role of CAFCASS…

One Reply to “Guilty until proven innocent…”

  1. I agree with you and understand the situation from my husbands personal experience. It is a hideous thing to deal with. I do think, though, that the only cockroach slime here is your narcissist ex: the social services guys are just part of a system which simply doesnt understand personality disorders and their impact. Blaming and maligning them wont help – there has to be a way to tackle the void of understanding. I believe that personality disorders are the prime cause of many of the problems seen in our society and that much of the unfairness seen in the workplace and the legal system is down to this and a lack of recognition of the problem. I think we shiuld be focusing efforts on awareness not blaming unaware cogs in the wheel. Would like to connect with you on linkedin because I am as passionate as you about doing something about this horrible injustice.


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