The Hate Song

So, in June 2010 we go to court and Social Services uses their power to get a temporary order banning me from seeing my daughter, as she needs protection.  They are never asked to provide any documentation to show this, they just do it…  At the same time CAFCASS was having one of their bi-annual shakeups where half the people are moved or fired for some reason, and a new woman named Amy gets assigned to the case who promptly takes a look at the whole situation and smells something wrong with the process.

Amy takes Sydney out for cold drink at a local restaurant, and Sydney has this new “Hate Song” about her daddy that she wants/needs to share with Amy.  As she is going through the hate song written out for her in her mother’s handwriting, she has to ask Amy what one of the words means.  What one of the words means???  Whilst Amy was a pretty junior member of CAFCASS, and although she was born at night, she had not been born the previous night…  The light goes on, and she asked Sydney who really wrote the song???  Quickly Sydney broke right down and told her the truth that her mother had made her do this.  Sydney hadn’t really learned to lie well yet, she was 13 at the time, and was approximately a couple years behind the other kids her age, as she has global learning delays and was in fact in a special needs school in Camberley.  She made sure that she told Amy that she was not going to see me again because her mother had decided this.

Being the novice she is, Amy goes right back to her supervisors and goes through the whole thing who then demand an immediate court date with Judge Hughes to bring this forward to her, they decide to make themselves a party to the proceedings, a subject for the next few days…

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