Disciples of Disrespect Celebrate…

So, we had Father’s Day on Sunday, for most families the celebration of the roles of fathers with their children.  But for the abusers and the other disciples of disrespect, this is a big day on the calendar.  A day when they celebrate the vanquishing of their foes.  It does not matter that they have destroyed an innocent little life, just that they won, or at least that is what they think…

The real problem is that all abuse is founded in disrespect, regardless of the target.  Disrespect breathes life into the disrespectors.  We all see disrespect rising in all areas of our lives, and it is pretty easy to spot.  When spotted and brought to the light, it crawls back under the rock that it came from, just like the disgusting cockroach that it is.  Unfortunately, the last Labour Government gave us the nationwide Social Services infrastructure of disrespect that we still have.  It is slowly changing, but it still perpetrates unspeakable horrors.  With the evidence of the recent events, it is shocking that the people in Oxford are still working there.  Here in Surrey we have one of the lowest ranked departments of Social Services in our country and with that our own “Labour Activist” cockroaches, who work so fervently to defend their “left wing” agenda of destruction of the family unit.

They champion the fundamental disrespect of both the laws and the rights of children and scream with offense at anyone having the unmitigated nerve to question even the slightest exposure of the activities of parents who abuse children and the parts of the system that assist them.  Some bottom feeder has reported me and this blog to everyone at every council they can think of and to anyone who will listen for questioning the rights and activities of those who have abused my daughter.  They claim a technical violation of the rules of disclosure about children and children’s proceedings.  Well, sorry but she is in America and gone from the jurisdiction, and all the proceedings are all now closed, ask Judge Hughes…

The funny thing about disciples of disrespect, is how they hide behind every possible dodge that can be imagined.  But enough of this for now, on to the journey of the horror of parental alienation…

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