So, the 1-way problem becomes 2-way, right before your eyes

One problem with a “left field” experience is that you have to quickly collect your wits and something inside you tells you that you are going to have the fight of your life on your hands if you ever want to see you daughter again, so here is where I got to meet the “real” Social Services.  Not the feeble limp-wristed ones that I’d met so far, but the ones with the radical man hating/destroying agenda.

So the first thing you find out from them is that you are in “2-way” fight with our daughter in the middle.  No matter how you explain the fact that it is a one way fight, with our daughter as the victim, there is no regard for the truth.  It is quite important for Social Services that regardless of the actual truth, that for them it is now and always will be a “2-way” problem.  Your only criteria for being part of this “2-way” fight is that you are breathing.  Their criteria turned out to be the “vapour test”…  They put a small mirror under my nose and detected vapour, that was enough for them…  No matter that the clear and obvious truth is that Meg Allen is shockingly and totally committed to making sure that David Allen never sees Sydney Allen again, which is, to all functioning adults that have more than 4 brain cells operating together, a 1-way assault.  No matter that the truth came right out that Meg Allen completely scripted out what Sydney should say, and beat it into her dozens of times; it is a 2-way problem.  So the secret to the start of the Social Services deception is to make the problem into a 2-way problem, otherwise you can’t carry off the real deception…

In 2007 I’d met the a few of the Social Services people, and then in August 2008 I was having some interaction with them before the children’s trial, and suddenly all the people who were there were gone.  So, it had gotten so bad that the Secretary of State, Ed Balls at the time had to step in, fire everyone, and take control of the whole thing…  Then 6 months later Channel 4’s Dispatches Programme did an undercover feature on Surrey Social Services, and bizarrely it was the same people we had been dealing with.  So, then we come across the second part of the deception: never ever admit you are wrong or have made a mistake.  No matter what happens, they never never ever make a mistake, a misjudgement, or a wrong observation.  Even if the Secretary of State steps in to tell you that you have it wrong, and even if you are featured in a National TV programme with the whole country laughing at you, you haven’t done anything wrong…

2 Replies to “So, the 1-way problem becomes 2-way, right before your eyes”

  1. I am not sure of the whole story between you and your ex and desire to see your daughter. If it is any consolation to you in this difficult time, your daughter when she is older will vote with her feet and want to come back to her dad. Just bide your time and love her unconditionally!


    1. Thank you for your comments Sue, I am getting the whole story down here for the hundreds of dads who the “system” has pushed out. As I told her the last time I was allowed to communicate with her: Honey, I love you, and only miss you on days when the sun comes up…


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