So, the real disaster started 4th May 2010

So, after 5 long years of the divorce slog, we were beginning to settle into a bit of a routine.  I was wiped out financially, we had been through the three child residency trials, the one where she won, and the one where I turned over the High Court Order, and the final one that split our time at about 60% to the the ex-wife and 40% to me.  She was 13 years old, fresh into being a teenager, and although severely learning-delayed, had great hope for the future.  And then suddenly, on that Tuesday morning, the 4th May 2010, Sydney called me to say that the Court Order had been completely changed and that she was not coming that evening, that she didn’t have to, and if I made her then she would run away.  When I reacted with astonishment, she just kept repeating what her mother was saying right behind her (I could hear her clearly): tell him you’ll run away, tell him you’ll run away, tell him you’ll run away…  She hung up, and that was that…

We had a great weekend together two days before, took the dogs down to the beach and bought her two new outfits to go to Disneyland Paris that next weekend with her school.  When I got to school to pick her up that afternoon, the place was teaming with Police Cars, only then did I realise that they were for me.  I was blocked from even going on the property.  The fact that I had the court orders with me meant nothing. I had supposedly abused my daughter to the level that if I didn’t comply with exactly what the Police and Social Services said right there, then I would be carted off in handcuffs no questions asked…

Of course nothing about any of the Court Orders had changed, no one in the police or social services was the least bit interested in the truth about anything, and I didn’t see Sydney again for 525 days.

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