Sidelined Since Sunday (a week)…

To the many of you that I have heard from about tackling this topic of the horror of emotional abuse, sorry I have been sidetracked.  Janet has been in the US, and there has been a distracting flood of information about the various County Councils endorsing, encouraging, supporting, and promoting a shocking level of emotional abuse of teenage girls. Clearly the biggest has been in Oxford where the stories are too outrageous to imagine…  And in Oxford, there is the illegal immigrant link to much of it as well.

We can have all the laws we want, but in the end a society is ultimately judged by how it treats its children.  Because when we have a problem, you can always look back and ask, well how did they treat their children???  Of course we live in a world that I call the “instant on” world: in most things we expect to pump a pound (or dollar) into the slot and have a can of something drop out.  but we also live in an “out of sight, out of mind” world.  This is particularly true in America where the world news is what’s going on in Canada…  But our problem is that, despite lots of warning flashing up to us on an alarmingly frequent basis, we do nothing…  And it doesn’t seem to matter who is in power…

The one thing power can do is send some very clear messages to those in the system and the process that has gone so horribly wrong.  So, it is unexplainable why the leadership in Oxford is still working there.  When the media has asked the various leaders there, including the CEO why they have not resigned,  there has always been the gratuitous warmed over blah blah blah about how they have to be in the system to change it…  Hey, you let it happen, so bring in someone who will fix it…  Councils, at both Borough and County level across the country are just public sector companies.  In the “real world” you are judged on performance.  We really don’t need specialised “public sector trained” management, any one from the tough cut-and-thrust computer world would laugh at the supposed complexity of these companies.  We need to develop a very special place on LinkedIn and other sites to ensure that the people who promote any form of abuse of our children never get the chance to be employed to do it again…

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